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Our psychic directory is made up of independent psychics, mediums and healers that have chosen to be listed with us.  Coming from all walks of life and each having their own individual skills and way of working provides a unique source of intuitive professionals. 

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Gold Member

Accredited Psychic Medium, Dean James Fox

TV Psychic Medium Dean James Fox is a masterful entertainer and psychic medium of the highest calibre. With his famous comedic style, natural warmth and down to earth nature, Dean is a true star in the spiritual world.  Audiences often return time and time again to see him. Dean has no airs-...read more

Gold Member

Psychic Medium, Pascha - West Yorkshire

West Yorkshire - Psychic Medium, Pascha is now available for bookings. Pascha is a true born gifted psychic medium, that has a personality to match. Her down to earth nature and immeasurable quick wit make...read more

Gold Member

Psychic Medium, Sue - Leeds

Leeds - Psychic Medium, Sue can enlighten you with messages from your loved ones in the spirit world. Using her mediumship skills, Sue has been delivering messages from passed loved ones for many years duri...read more

Featured Member

Pudsey - Spiritual Medium, Jane

West Yorkshire - Psychic Medium, Jane is one of our most out going, fun loving mediums and has the belief that mediumship should be with love, light and laughter, reminding us that even our loved ones in the spirit world want us to smile. She describes herself as “Medium Rare Extraordinaire...read more

Beverley - Psychic Medium, Diane

Beverley - Psychic Medium Diane is one of the East Coast of Yorkshire’s established spiritual workers. She describes herself as a spiritual Empath who works with spirit in many ways. Diane can often b...read more

Bradford - Spiritual Medium, Paula

Bradford - Spiritual Medium, Paula can connect to your loved ones in the spirit world to deliver messages back to you here on the earth plane. Having spent many years seeing things around her that she could...read more

Brighouse - Spiritual Medium, Nicola

West Yorkshire - Spiritual Medium, Nicola is one of our well established Psychics. As an author, Public speaker, and one to one reader, using her 30 years of experience to bring the two worlds together and...read more

Burnley- Psychic Medium, Andrea

Burnley - Burnley’s Psychic Medium, Andrea began her spiritual journey around 20 years ago. Andrea suffered a near death experience, but it was during this experience, that she encountered her first c...read more