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Psychic Medium, Claire - Milton Keynes

Psychic Medium, Claire - Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes - Psychic Medium Claire has never known life without the spirit world in it. From being a toddler she has seen spirits saying “it’s been a blessing and at times a curse”. With a history of psychics and mediums in her family, Claire is what’s called a natural psychic/medium from birth. As a psychic Claire can enlighten you about your future which can evoke a sense of direction and clarity to your life. She is also able to look back at your past and your present which can provide understanding and reason. With a goal of helping people find light at the end of the tunnel, have some closure and comfort for their future path. Her mediumship skills allow her to connect to your loved ones in the spirit world, to give comfort and reassurance, Claire also enjoys working with the paranormal and often take part in Ghost Hunts and Paranormal investigat.ions.


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