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Blackpool - Psychic Medium, Lavinia

Blackpool - Psychic Medium, Lavinia

Blackpool - Romany Clairvoyant, Lavinia has worked on Blackpool South Shore Promonade for the last 40 years. Giving palm, tarot and crystal ball readings to many people in her iconic booth on the famous promanade. Using her psychic skills, Lavinia can read your palm to enlighten you about many aspects of your life as well as future direction. Taking a look back into your past as well as your present, Lavinia can also unearth your future. Using her crystal ball to empower you with knowledge during your reading, Lavinia can provide clarity and focus to your life. Inheriting her gift from a long line of Romany Clairvoyants, Lavinia’s readings are sure to impress with her natural ability, and lifelong dedication to her craft.

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