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The Card Of The Week For The Week 22nd June

What card has Lynne selected for the week starting on the 22ndJune 2020 ?

Guidance for Relationship, Career and Signs to watch out for.  

The Hanged Man signifies that we are feeling restricted, we are unable or unwilling to be responsible for our own path. When we get stuck in the external world it is time stop and look within, to meditate and discover that there is more to our life than the physical aspect. Meditation will reconnect us to our spiritual journey and help us discover the bigger picture of what life holds in store for us. The security we are seeking lies inside us and when we connect to our inner source of power all our decisions can be made with confidence


This is a time to put your relationship with yourself first, seek out your own answers and make your own decisions. The Hanged Man indicates a need to make sacrifices but you need to examine all perspectives and outcomes before making a decision because a sacrifice is made without certainty of a reward. You may feel you have to make a hard decision now but in time you will see it was the right one. You have neglected your emotional needs and it is time to listen to your inner spirit, step up and fulfil your own needs to find contentment.


The Hanged Man represents the need for you to consider your long-term future, to stay still for a while as you consider the obstacles and challenges you may have ignored or refused to acknowledge to build a secure future. This card also asks that as you look forward, reflect on the spiritual aspect of your physical journey and believe it is as important as the external world. It’s time to trust in yourself, there are no wrong decisions but sometimes you have to make a detour to get where you are meant to be as part of your spiritual progression.

Signs to look out for
There is a lot of grey in this card signifying there has been some level of depression and you have been content to rest and recover. Now you are ready to face the world again but on your own terms with the inner strength that you only gain through adversity.