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Card Of The Week for the week of 15th June 2020

What card has Lynne selected for the week starting on the 15th June 2020 ?

Guidance for Relationship, Career and Signs to watch out for.  


The nine of Pentacles is indicating that you have made a very comfortable and financially secure life for yourself, but you may have compromised other areas of your life. Perhaps you chose marriage over an independent life or you chose to have children instead of a career. We cannot have it all but now you are contemplating your past and future choices and considering if you have over-compromised your own happiness to some extent to keep others happy. The number nine signifies reflection before the completion of the ten.  It’s an excellent time to consider the next stage of life. 

This is an interesting card for relationships. You want security, and but you also crave your independence, (to find yourself) this will prove to be a difficult balancing act as your friends, family and/or partner may refuse to understand why you now have this ‘sudden’ need for independence when previously they have always been at the centre of your focus. They may also feel slightly threatened by the change of dynamics that you are proposing. You will need to be brave to assert your independence so consider carefully that these changes are absolutely necessary for your future happiness and wellbeing.

Up to this point you have always compromised your own career and encouraged others to succeed in theirs. While you have enjoyed nurturing and helping others reach their goals, you have become dissatisfied with your own situation and need time to explore your potential. Now it’s your time to apply for that promotion or to start studying for the career you always felt you wanted. However, if you decide that looking after your loved ones is your priority and you don’t want to rock the boat, at least not yet, then let go of any residual resentment you may feel.

Signs to watch out for
The yellow in this card indicates you have more power and respect than you have previously been aware of.  You can ask for support without feeling undermined or compromised. Put yourself in situations where you are valued and appreciated so your confidence in your personal and career abilities can soar.