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Are you in need of guidance for Love? Relationship? Career? Or a message from your loved ones? Have a text reading from Psychic Medium Dean James Fox’s psychic team.
Psychic Medium Dean James Fox is one of the UK’s best known Psychic Mediums, and we are delighted to be able to offer psychic readings direct to your phone
Terms and conditions apply.

Texts cost £1 per message max 3 replies (£3).
Standard mobile network rates apply when sending in your question. Free promo texts may be sent. To opt out, text DJSTOP to 85358. The first time you use the service you will be sent a free message asking you to confirm your first name and date of birth (over 18s and UK only). If you need further information or have any questions, please contact my helpdesk: info@allstarpsychics.co.uk. Due to regulations, we are not allowed to comment on health, pregnancy, legal or financial related questions. You can also see the full T&C’s at www.deanjamesfox.com

Private 30 minute sessions start from £3

This professional has the following skills:


An Astrologer reads planets and people based on the alignment of them. The readings are based on the date, time and place of birth. Astrology can offer you an in depth guide to your character and patterns in life. Many believe that the planets can tell us who will be our love connection as well as being able to predict other aspects of life.


A Clairvoyant is someone who sees images in their minds' eye. This sometimes is a clear image of the past, present or future. Many use symbolic symbols, and memories of their own past to connect with the sitter.


A Healer uses the combined energy of themselves, spirit and the sitter. They often work with chakras bringing peace, calm and clarity to their mind, body and soul. Most people use healers when they need balance in their life


A medium holds a direct connection to the spirit world, or afterlife. They can connect with your loved ones who have stepped over to the spirit world. The spirit world can see what is going on in our life and by passing on messages of support, love and guidance through a medium can bring comfort and closure where needed.


A psychic uses energy and natural intuition to give guidance on your life path for the past, present and future. This can help you find inner peace and happiness. Many people ask psychics what will happen in their life. Psychics can pick up on obstacles, feelings and bring clarity to the sitter through their interpretation of these messages.

Spiritual Counsellor

A spiritual counsellor can give guidance in all parts of your life. They can work on meaning of life, connection to the universe and world around you. This can increase awareness of your higher self, helping you follow your own path, and happiness to bring peace, calm and clarity to your present self.


Cards Tarot and Oracle cards are often read by psychics to give insight and extra detail. Each Tarot and oracle card hold their own meaning, giving the psychic an extra level of understanding creating an in depth reading. Tarot and Oracle cards can predict the present and the outcome of the future